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By now we have all heard, numerous times, how beneficial meditation is to our brain and easing stress. Although we may have made a point to sit down and create this healthy habit, a series of hectic mornings or restless nights causes us to prioritize the snooze button more. I personally have felt a lot of guilt when I fall out of the habit, but the deeper I move into understanding mindfulness the more I learn about how to build moments of presence and calm into my daily life. You may be surprised–once you begin to adopt more mindful moments into your life, you may be more encouraged to integrate a meditation practice that you can stick to. 

We love doing this mindful moment in the evenings, some time between getting home from a long day and before bed. We suggest doing this with an herbal tea so that you're not taking in any caffein that can disrupt a restful sleep. 

What You'll Need:

A Step-by-Step Guide: 

1. While your tea is brewing, sit down and look into the cup.

2. Make three sensory observations (a smell, a noise, a colour, etc.)

3. Take 5 deep inhales and exhales; close your eyes and continue to sit and breathe for 30 seconds to two minutes. (Longer if you prefer, this is your time.) 

4. Flutter your eyes open, make an observation about the tea or the cup. What colour is the tea? How have the contents of the teabag/strainer evolved? Can you see the steam rising up? 

5. Carefully place your hands around the cup to see if the temperature is fit for drinking. 

6. Before you take your first sip think of one thing you are grateful for today
and write it down in your journal. 

7. Enjoy! 


This how-to mindful moment originally appeared in our November 25 newsletter. 

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Words by Alina Kulesh

Photograph by Baljit Singh