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With the Holidays fast approaching, we know that we are all in the swing of getting our loved ones a special gift that is just right. There is really nothing like the delight on someone's face when you've gifted them with something that warms their heart and makes them feel heard and seen. 

December can also be an overwhelming time for Holiday shopping, with flashy marketing, promotions, and sales giving us decision fatigue and at times causing buying remorse. 

At Aspeth, we try to make special art objects in a limited quantity to promote thoughtful gift-buying and giving. We spend a lot of time thinking about how to create collections that are environmentally conscious and sustainable. And with the Holidays coming up, we couldn't help but think - as a team - what are all the ways that we employ mindfulness when we go shopping. 

1. The Pairing Test. “When buying a new piece of clothing, think about whether that piece can be paired with at least three items you already own, otherwise you probably won't wear it”

- Maureen Cardenas, Communications Specialist

2. Put Mother Nature First. “I like to support brands that have social or environmental missions when purchasing gifts, it allows me to provide a nice story to the recipient of the gift as they are opening their present. Not only do these kinds of gifts have added value but they also allow me to educate friends and family about conscious brands that they may not know about.” - Mahsa Sajadi, Business and Partnerships Manager

3. Check the Fine Print. “Check labels for sustainable materials and animal cruelty free/not tested on animals!” 

- Natasha Lewis, Accountant

4. Slow Down. "Take your time when shopping so you're making conscious, purposeful decisions. Make buyer's remorse is a thing of the past :) "

- Shannon Frost, Executive Assistant 

5. Eliminate Fast Fashion. "I don't buy fast fashion because I don't want to engage in mindless making. Don't settle!"

- Prabh Kaur, Bookkeeper & Jill-of-All-Trades

These are just a few suggestions and some may not work for all, but we encourage you to reflect on how you can make your shopping practices more mindful this Holiday season and beyond. 

Warm wishes,

The Aspeth Team 


Words by Alina Kulesh 

Photograph by Priscilla Du Preez